Other activities of adventure


Archery is an activity that requires a lot of technique and accuracy. Its origins go back to the use of the bow for hunting and fighting. However, today it has become recognized as Olympic sport. There are several types of archery according to the type of bow that is used. So we can talk about the composite bow, the one, the recurve and straight bow. This range of arches allows the activity to be adapted to level of the group.

Through the game, participants will learn the intuitive technique of archery.


We will mark a route around the estate. Participants will have a notebook (Road Book) in order to to follow it properly, with the necessary information. On the way they will find differents tests to overcome, which are essential in order to continue the route.

GUIDED TOURS AROUND THE MONTSENY (breakfast/lunch included)

According to the interests and physical level of the group, we have several routes around the Natural Park of Montseny. At a half-way point, the monitor will offer a typical mountain breakfast/lunch for all the participants.


A leisure activity based on the classic football but in which the figures are replaced by people. In this way, players must move laterally along the bar just the same as traditional football. The challenge is to coordinate the team mates who are in the same line to move the bar, take the ball and, as just as in football, to score a goal. It is a game based on the coordination and communication of the members of the group.

It is a very pleasant activity in direct contact with the nature. We provide the facilities to carry the participants and the bicycles to the Turo de l’home, the summit of the Montseny massif. From there, an instructor-guide will take you throughout paths and dirt roads to the meeting point, in Can Putxet’s camp.

RECOMMENDATIONS:Wear proper cloths to go on bike. We provide bikes and helmets but if you prefer to bring yours, you can do it.
DURATION:Even thought that the duration depends of the participants level, we have to count on two hours minimum.
MINIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS:A minimum of 6 participants is required to do the activity.
PRICE:40,00 €