One day activities: “Castanyada”

At the beginning of the autumn, for the “castanyada” (chestnut party time), Can Putxet organize events in order to show the children the interest of that period. After some fun activities and after acquiring some knowledge of the natural environment, all the participants will end eating hot grilled chestnuts.

Programme of the “Castanyada”:


10:00am – 11:00am Arrival to Can Putxet camp and breakfast
11:00am Beginning of the activity
1:15pm Preparation of the chestnuts
1:30pm End of the activity


To observe the natural environment (oaks, olive trees, pines and the surrounding vegetation).

To observe and to know the chestnut trees and the chestnuts.

To learn how to collect the chestnuts.

Outings for children from P3, P4, P5 and Beginning Cycle.


The children, in groups of 15-20, accompanied by a guide-instructor, will do a walk observing the surrounding and listening to the instructor. They will walk through a small wood, by a small animal’s farm and, finally, they will arrive to the chestnut trees. There, the children will meet the “Trobador de rovellons” (the mushrooms troubadour) who will explain them the singularities of the chestnut trees and of the woods. He will sing and play his guitar and, through easy questions and tests that they have to overcome, they will be able to collect the chestnuts.

Boys and girls should pick up the chestnuts and then they will meet “Maria la Castanyera” who will show them how the chestnuts are grilled and which are the tools to do it. While Maria cooks the chestnuts, the children will sing typical songs of the season. Finally, they will go for lunch. For dessert, the instructors will give them grilled chestnuts.