Adventure camp – Kindergarten

Kindergarten (from 5 years)

Thread: a story about Indians and explorers who live in Can Putxet. Walking around Can Putxet and making a mural with the elements of nature that they have found while strolling.


OCA OF CAN PUTXET. Different tests that will make you progress through the game.

ANIMALS. Children will visit the farm animals, they will have a little explanation about each animal, feed them and, hopefully, they’ll play or touch some of them.

QUADS. A monitor drives the quad with a child in a closed circuit.

INDIGENOUS. The tribe will go to the forest and create a dance and a song in tribute to the ancient Indians.

BOAT. Explorers passed down the technology required to make a boat. With porexpan or cork platform, a stick and a leaf in the shape of a candle, children will make their own boat and will carry it to the river to see how it sails. In the end, each child will recover the boat and take it home.

ADVENTURE PARK. Children will go up a steep climbing wall, then they will pass along a network of strings, make a Tibetan bridge, descend by a zip line and go through a net of ropes.

What to bring?