Coaching outdoor training

1 – Previous Training 45 min-1h.
2 – Challenges-2h
3 – Reflections – 1h

Increasingly, and with the development of management skills, business companies conduct an innovative methodology aimed at teamwork, a new form of group cohesion and the relationship outside the work environment in their incentives trips, meetings or gatherings.

With the outdoor training, through a day of leisure, you can learn from experience and the moments shared, improve communication, delegation, conflict resolution, management of resources and commitment.
Thanks to the feedback received, the day becomes a powerful tool that contributes to the consolidation of people both on an individual level and in their relationships.

What is Coaching?
– It’s a personal training methodology of humanistic principles.
– It’s an accompaniment to the improvement and personal development, identifying strengths and values, opportunities and weaknesses, goals and targets.
– It’s a method to detect who we are, what our beliefs are and what are our areas of improvement.
– It’s action related to the change, following a consistency between what one thinks, feels and does.

What do we do?
We propose days of leisure and entertainment to companies that are seeking to invest in the personal development of the team and of each individual:

– In a fun and educational way
– Enhance the skills of each one and, consequently, of the whole team.
– Achieve better results and satisfaction with an effective interaction with the others.

For what?
– To learn to communicate more effectively, improve relationships, find meaning in everything we do, guiding us toward personal and professional excellence.
– To enhance group cohesion and personal effectiveness.
– Because, from experience, we know what active listening, rapport and feedback is, basic tools for people working with people.
– To improve our day to day, giving a sense, a direction, and feeling tha we share a common project.

– Through challenges and dynamics in groups, we’ll spend a fun-filled day, interacting in another environment, outdoors, and, above all, laughing a lot.
– We’ll combine fun, learning, living, experience and creativity.
– We will think about the group and individual activities.
– We will work together towards a common goal.

Our mission
– Getting you to spend a fun experience outdoors.
– Achieving new perspectives through creative exercises.
– Helping you learn specific and useful tools to implement every day.

And if we also manage to make you remember us with a smile, we´ll have achieved our goal!!