The rules listed here are to be strictly adhered to by all those using the facility called Can Putxet, whatever the age or origin of the group.
1. – The schedules are established, both for the entrances and the exits, this is the same for meals and activities.
2. – The person in charge of the group assumes the responsibility for leaving the facilities in the same conditions of tidiness and cleanliness in which they were found or in its defect they must pay for the damage caused.
3. It is strictly forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in the bedrooms or other rooms that are not indicated for this use.
4. The tables, chairs or other furniture may be moved only after consultation.
5. You must respect the order and cleanliness both outside and inside the house during your stay, and especially the bedroom and rooms for workshop or monitors.
6. It is essential to bring a sleeping bag.
Specifically for groups aged between 3 and 6 years, protective sheets will be needed in cases in which they are required..
7. Respect the general surroundings of the facilities and the vegetation of the area.
8. Check in: One hour before the first meal. If you arrive earlier you should notify this. In this case you are only allowed to leave the luggage.
9. It is not allowed the use of sound equipment (HI-FI), amplified instruments, loudspeakers or similar.
10. It is forbidden to make fires, light candles, torches or tools that may be dangerous.
11. All groups of children are subject to specific regulations of the number and certification of the teachers and monitors in compliance with current regulations.
12. The use of the pool will always be under strict compliance with current regulations of the Department of Health regards the use of public swimming pools..
13. – Inside the house, no activity may be carried out that can damage the facilities.
14.-You cannot move the bunks and lockers from their place, In cases where, for reasons of safety of children, it is necessary to put other protective measures, you must ask the person in charge of the house.
15.-It is not allowed to put some furniture or other items in front of the doors, windows or emergency exits.
16. – In case of illnesses or accident, unless proven to be caused by the conditions of the facilities or their owners (lack of the infrastructure, drinking water or spoiled food), the medical services needed will be the responsibility of the attending group,and also the legal liability that that may be derived from this. Social Security card or any other policy to cover medical services must be carried by each person.
17.- In case that at the moment of the arrival/check in, the house is occupied by another group, it may be necessary to wait until the rooms are ready and cleaned.